Our Story

At Mind Your Own Beeswax Food Wrap, our goal is to shape the future of food preservation.  We were born out of curiosity, with a vision of creating a business that not only gives back to the environment by creating reusable, eco-friendly and sustainable food wrap alternatives, but by also giving back to social causes that are close to their hearts. 


I’m Paige and I’m the founder of Mind Your Own Beeswax Food Wrap.  After being involved in the online conscious community for a while, I started noticing more and more innovative zero waste ways of preserving and storing food, including the use of beeswax wraps.  Although I tried to reduce my impact on the planet throughout my university years, being a busy new mother, reminded me of just how easy it is to fall back into bad habits and become unaware of just how much single-use plastic we consume on a daily basis.  I started to feel guilty for the food waste and plastic packets that were only being used once by my son on our trips to the park, before being thrown away.  This reignited my passion for the world and what I was leaving behind for my son.  I have always been creative, and I knew I needed to change my ways, so, instead of taking the easy option out and purchasing reusable food wraps online, I decided to take on the challenge of making them myself.  My father-in-law is a beekeeper and I thought, what would be more eco-friendly than using ingredients straight from my own family farm?


Even though the first few batches didn’t turn out as planned, I worked endlessly to perfect the Mind Your Own Beeswax Food Wrap technique.  After many attempts, I had created a product that I was not only proud of, but that was also sustainably stylish, practical and needed in today’s society.  I never intended on creating a business out of this newly found passion, but I did feel as though I needed something to work towards and a do-good project to keep me busy – as I had just had a baby and moved to a new town.  My son has now had the luxury of growing up with a “nude” and plastic-free lunchbox, not knowing why the world would need Cling Wrap, when we have reusable, colourful options.


Before I knew it, the Mind Your Own Beeswax Food Wrap website was live, and I was actively selling to friends, family and at the local market.  Aside from the fact Mind Your Own Beeswax Wrap plays a major role in the reduction of single-use plastic being used, starting the business has also helped me connect with many other supportive like-minded business owners and conscious individuals, and feel part of a community again, both locally as well as online.  I have also never felt so in alignment with my values and I feels as though I am finally living out my passion daily by creating a business with a purpose.  Now, I have the power to influence eco-friendly and plastic-free living and be an environmental leader within my community.  I have shifted the behaviours and actions of not only my own family and friends, but also other local businesses and families, too.

From our family to yours, thank-you for choosing mind your own beeswax food wrap

child holding beeswax wrap pouch full of sultanas