About Us

mind your own beeswax food wrap was born out of curiosity and is driven by the desire to give back. To the environment, to our local community, and to one of our very special friends. 

After seeing reusable food wrap on social media for a while, our curiosity was piqued and much research was done. A trip to the family farm where some bees are kept was the start of our love affair with beeswax wraps. It took quite a few attempts and lots of constructive criticism from family and friends before we managed to perfect our technique but from the very first wraps we made, we were convinced that the switch from single use plastic to reusable beeswax food wrap was the way forward for our family. 

Our adventure has connected us with so many generous souls within our local community. Having moved to Ballarat a few days before our first child was born, we hadn't had much of an opportunity to integrate. The support within the small businesses in Ballarat has been so incredible to be part of and the excitement of the local people about becoming more environmentally conscious is inspiring. We love hearing the stories and efforts that our customers are making in their homes and within their networks to take responsibility for being gentler to our environment.

The launch of mind your own beeswax food wrap has given us the opportunity to help one of our most special friends. Our dear friend Thilini was diagnosed with Lyme disease a few years ago after having suffered for almost 20 years without knowing what was wrong. She was bitten by a tick in Queensland when she was 3 and has lived most of her life with worsening, and ultimately debilitating discomfort. Her treatment is expensive, extreme and ongoing. 10% of the profits that we make are donated to Thilini. 

Finally, we love pretty things and believe that your style should follow you everywhere you go. All of the fabric that we use to make our wraps is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and we go to great lengths to find prints to suit everybody's lifestyle and taste.  

From our family to yours, thank-you for choosing mind your own beeswax food wrap

child holding beeswax wrap pouch full of sultanas